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Electricity Water/Gas Monitoring

  • Energy Management Starter Kit

  • Electricity Water/Gas Monitoring
  • Lighting Electrical Control
  • Temperature Thermostat Control
  • Solar Wind Tyrbine Monitoring Geothermal
  • HVAC Performance
  • Add-ons and Alerts
Energy Benchmarking

Check-It Solutions Platform

The Check-It Solutions Platform is a turnkey solution with all the software and hardware required for a complete, powerful building management system. The system can work stand alone with many wireless device options to control lighting, temperatures, thermostats and almost any electrical device. It is also possible to use the Check-It Solutions Platform in conjunction with an existing Building Automation System that is BacNet or Modbus compliant.

The monitoring features provide options for detailed electrical use down to every circuit or outlet if required. It is also possible to monitor production from renewable energy sources such as solar PV or wind turbines as well as detailed water and gas consumption. Bacnet or Modbus compliant devices can also be integrated to avoid installing additional monitoring hardware.  

Check-It CG-300 CG-300 Controller

The CG-300 controller is an intelligent device within the Check-It Solutions Platform. The controller is a central point for all installed devices to be monitored and controlled. The CG-300 manages communication between installed devices and forwards necessary information to the secure hosted Check-It Solutions web portal.

  • All required software and communications in one device.
  • Enterprise level controller with robust dual wireless performance (ZigBee™ & Z-Wave™).
  • Communicate with industry standard BACnet & Modbus devices.
  • Linux based operating system with integrated web server.
  • Licensed Java™ technology from Oracle.
  • Event-driven script execution.
  • Flexible I/O scheduling.
  • Visual indication for Power, LAN, WAN, Portal, Heartbeart, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cellular.
  • FCC & Industry Canada certified.
  • Power efficient ~ 3 watts.
  • (Optional) cellular data communications.

Web Portal

The CG-300 automatically connects to the web portal on power up. This allows for all installations to be centrally managed and historical information to be easily viewed from anywhere at anytime. The web portal provides an easy to use interface to maintain user permissions and remotely troubleshoot any potential issues with all installed devices.

energy benchmarking
  • Real time access anytime to all information and controllable devices.
  • Information stored up to 3 years and downloadable at anytime.
  • Customizable for your business logo and brand.
  • Log all improvements and efficiency upgrades and view “before and after” picture.